Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is it really March tomorrow?

My friends, I apologize for the increasing lengths between my posts. I don't like posting from my phone, and I very rarely have time to post from the laptop, because two kids and a dog make my life BUSY.

Phoenix is getting his little boy dog operation tomorrow, and is at the shelter overnight. I must say, it's bizarre having time just the four of us. We've been productive!!

Today we cleaned out our closets, and our drawers, and donated FIVE huge garbage bags of great clothes to the less fortunate. I'm thrilled to finally be able to see my clothes, not have to freak out trying to find something I know I have, and DH can finally close his drawers.

We've also spent time cleaning out Ellie's patio and the storage room attached to it, and donated all my maternity clothes, all our baby things and a ton of toys. I've been dealing with some health issues I'm not really ready to talk about, but we've come to the decision that with the addition of our sweet puppy, our family is complete.

Ellie is thriving! Still not walking, but doing so much better with her little walker, and talking up a storm. Seriously, it is difficult to imagine there was once a time where she made no sound at all. We are so blessed to have her doing so well, and we are very, very grateful that her health has been stable this winter.

We've just experienced a horrible flu, and she was spared the brunt of it, although she did throw up, which in and of itself was very exciting for us to see. Kids with PWS often are unable to vomit, which can put their lives at risk when they're unable to bring up what they've overeaten. To know that Ellie possesses the strength and ability to vomit is a good sign. I will admit, I did a happy dance inbetween her bouts of being sick. Hey, you have to take joy in the little things!

Ah, it's time to put the wee ones to bed, and have a glass of wine with my hubby.

More posts to come, when I find the time.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh gosh, I never introduced Phoenix properly!!

The day we got him was so exciting!! Jakob and I went to the shelter together. We were fourth in line for choice of the litter. I thought we wanted a girl. The girls I was interested in were snapped up instantly. So, boy it was! Phoenix, originally Aries, is a calm dude, who LOVES to play, but also loves to sleep, sleep, sleep. Perfect.

He's a total love bug.

Nova and her Puppies


5 weeks
7 weeks
Going home!
True Love <3

Two Years!

It dawned on me yesterday, that I've had this blog for over two years. I also came to the realization that this year is our THIRD year celebrating Valentine's Day in the hospital. Not funny.

Ellie, my sweet, brave girl, had her tube surgery yesterday! She was NPO from the evening prior, with a check-in time of 11am, and surgery scheduled from 11:55am-12:35pm. Everything ran on schedule.
So cute in that striped gown!

We checked her in, and they gave her (and Baby Doll) an id band. She got numbing gel on her hand and ankle - which I would later come to learn was completely useless, since it took over 10 tries to get an iv started.
Waiting for our turn to go in

 I was with her as they gave her the sleeping gas, and waited patiently with DH in the parents' waiting room, my stomach in knots, until the doctor came out at 12:30pm to tell us it all went well.

Ellie had a LOT of thick, sticky fluid in both ears, and the doctor told me that he was glad I pushed for the tubes. They were completely necessary.

They told us that she would wake up shortly, and we could see her. When an ICU nurse I know well came to get us, I was so excited to see my baby. Only, she wasn't awake.

 She didn't wake up for probably three hours longer than they anticipated. The anesthetic was supposed to be a fast-acting one, that they snap out of quickly. Thank goodness that's all they used, I can't imagine what it would have been like if she's been under anything more intense!

When she finally woke up she was GRUMPY.
Neither of us was particularly happy

Grumpy, and easily startled (Yay! A sign that her hearing is already improving!).

Her balance has improved dramatically, to the point where we were walking around the ward, with her only holding on to my right index finger!!

She came home this afternoon, and she's so happy to be home.

Phoenix is finding his place in our family.
He's already growing up so fast!

 He is a nipper/biter/chewer, and we're struggling with that, especially around Jakob. For some reason he doesn't behave like that around Ellie, he just loves her to death!

Mad Love <3

I got a great new carry-case for my camera from DH, and I'm so glad he didn't get me flowers. I'm really not a flowers type of girl, that's just another thing I need to look after!