Thursday, June 20, 2013

End of June

The past few weeks have been heavenly. As close to feeling normal as I think we have felt since Ellie was born.  I can't tell you how incredible it is to have her walking! It was our biggest goal,  and it took way longer to reach than we thought it would to reach; although, she did reach it a full year  before the doctors thought she would when she was first diagnosed.

As with everything,  she had to do it in her own time. 

Since my last update, Ellie has had her hearing checked, and is hearing normally! The surgery worked! She has issues listening because she missed out on so much time when she should have been hearing properly, so now we have to really work to get her attention. But, at least she CAN hear.
Today, we had vision testing, and follow-up for probable strabismus (fancy word for lazy eye). It took eight months to get in to see the ophthalmologist. Eight months of waiting is pretty brutal. But, she was a trooper at her appointment! Funny little thing giggled when she got her eye drops in! Most children cry their eyes out when they get the drops, because they apparently sting a fair bit. I suppose there's a benefit to having a much higher pain tolerance than normal, and less sensory reception. What should have taken 2 hours, took less than an hour because she was so cooperative. It turns out that she's quite far sighted, so we made a stop off at the I glasses store (the same place I got my glasses when I was little!) to order her first pair. Since her face is so small, there were only two frames that would fit her! We decided pretty quickly on which ones to buy. Doesn't she look grown up?

We are moving this week!  I'm so glad it's summertime, and that we're going to have the space to really enjoy the outdoors with her this year. We've been going for lots of long walks, exploring our new neighbourhood, and all the dyke trails and farms around us. Being outside, in the fresh air does wonders for all of us!

Stay tuned for an onslaught of posts, as we settle into our new house, and I get to redesigning our living space :)