Sunday, May 18, 2014

Everything changes as it grows...

Mint, cucumber, chocolate mint, chives, thai basil, roma tomatoes and rosemary!
Bleeding hearts, and one of the cool painted rocks from the previous homeowners.
Jason's favourite painted leaf plant
The location of our soon-to-be-built fairy garden

Azaleas in bloom
The bees love these little flowers
My ever-changing veggie bed
The purple cabbage is going to be massive
The blackberry bush survived transplant!!!
Planted Irish Moss to eventually fill in between the pavers
Blueberries and the beginning sprouts from my Pollinator seed blend
We will definitely have blueberries this year
He does all the work
Strawberry patch #1
Strawberry patch #2
Starting to plug up their tubes! Happy little bees :)
This bush smells AMAZING
We have flowers of practically every colour
Deep purple...
...even blue!
These little flowers are my favourite
Another popular bee hangout
Who knew that our boring ground cover would explode in bloom?!
And that's what May has brought to our garden.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another surgery down. Another night in ICU before we go home. I am so thankful it is over.

Ellie got her adenoids out today, and new tubes. Surgery went really well, but it took about three hours for her to wake up. Three long hours, of brief moments of Ellie wailing and flailing and being miserable.
Then, she woke, and she was happy. Happy until she realized she was connected to an iv pole, and had been reunited with all her probes. She's sleeping, it's 6:30pm. Dinner was terrible, but she ate it without complaint.

Home tomorrow. Please, please don't let her catch watch the people around us in "isolation" have.