Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A glimpse of autumn's beauty

In the mornings, everything has been covered in a heavy dew...

...water beads seem to defy gravity.
perfect glass beads
I am grateful for the flowers that bring colour to my fading garden...

...for Ellie with her bright blue eyes.

I'm so excited about fall cooking, like this amazing kabocha squash with endless recipe options!

And, I remember my love of golden beets, especially roasted.

I <3 Fall!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Catch-up

Yesterday afternoon, Jakob and I decorated the house for Halloween.
At the mushy pumpkin patch

We already had a head start, having decorated for Thanksgiving last week, but it was fun to plan out our decorations together. 

Friends of ours have some AMAZING homemade window cut-outs, and Jakob BEGGED me to make some for our house. Wouldn’t you know, I had the vinyl sticky stuff I needed to make them. (We buy rolls of black vinyl at the dollar store, they're sold as shelf liners!) One one-eyed monster, two ghosts, and a half dozen bats later, our house is definitely getting into the Halloween spirit!
Easier to see at night!
Thanksgiving weekend was a bit of a blur. Between an incredible wedding on Friday, dinner at my in-laws’ on Saturday, and hosting dinner on Sunday, it went by fast!

Today, I’m making soup from the leftover turkey stock, and two huge pots are simmering away. Mmmm… perfect time of year for hearty soups!

Ellie passed her growth hormone stimulation test, which is the opposite of what we wanted/expected. So, battles with the insurance company will continue, and we get to look forward to paying lots of money every time the new insurance year starts. Ah, well.

It’s been a week of upgrades for the kids. Jakob got a bigger bike (finally!), and Ellie got a new (old) twin bed!
She's definitely growing up!

It’s sooo her, right at her level, and she loves it.  


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Staying busy with Ellie

We have so much time together, Ellie and I. I'm not sure if it's because she's my last baby, but I am so motivated to keep her active to show her everything I can possibly show her. She is adventurous. She faces life with fierce determination. To her, everything is interesting. Everyone is special. I love to explore the world through Ellie. This week, we went for lots of walks, went to the pool twice, tried ice skating , and went to the beach park.