Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pink Apple Juice with Jakob

Great delight in making up stories about the apples being sliced!
Apples, Sliced Apples, Apple Cores!
I want to do it all myself!
He is so capable!
Boil with some water until mushy
Strain through sieve
Strain again through Coffee Filter!
Wait forever for it to run through, then refrigerate!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

D-Day 2013

Today is the two year anniversary of Diagnosis Day. Two years since I sent an email to everyone I knew to tell them that I needed them to help me fix her future. I can't quite believe it's been two years since the phone call that changed my direction in life. SO much has changed for me, and it's undeniable that we've been through quite the journey thus far.
A week after her diagnosis

Ellie inspires me every single day.
Ellie at 27 months

For the past two weeks, Jakob has been on vacation with my MIL and cousins, up 7 hours away from here, with no cell service. Needless to say, I can't take Ellie somewhere with no easy hospital access, so the two of us (and DH when he's been off shift) have been really able to enjoy each other.

I've lost track of the number of new words she's acquired, they've all come on so suddenly! She blabbers and chats all day long, and now I understand what she wants most of the time. It's unreal! I can't wait for her next speech therapy appointment, her slp is going to be blown away with the progress.

This bodes well for my plans for the Fall. Jakob starts preschool in *gasp* just a few short weeks. That means I have alone time with little E every weekday! Time to sign her up for some toddler classes, and really get her back on track. We have gymnastics, swimming, and play groups lined up. Should be an adventure!

Today, we walked maybe 10 houses down from us, and back home, and she did it all on her own, she didn't even want help coming up the curbs. Seriously, progress!!

We got her, on the recommendation of her pt, a Strider bike. Love at first sight! Strider was the only brand that had a frame short enough to fit her, and she's still needing to be on tippy toes at the lowest setting. That's alright, for the time being we intend to only let her practice on the carpet and on the lawn. She doesn't need any more skinned knees or bonks to the head.
Best Present Ever!

Our walk is coming up quickly! Yesterday we had the privilege to do a catch-up interview with the reporter who has been covering our story since the beginning. He came to take new photos of Ellie, and marveled at her progress.  I'm excited to see how many people come out, even though we haven't spent as much time planning or promoting the event. If you haven't already, check out our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OneSmallStepLadner