Monday, April 28, 2014

Ellie is three!!

Ellie and Elsa

 The past couple months have been so full of cookies,  I am overwhelmed at the support and response they have gotten! I really love decorating them, but I'm finally past Easter,  and ready for a break!
This was only half of the orders I did!!
 I have a couple orders every month in my calendar,  and plan to do a bunch of prep work in my downtime, like stocking up on royal icing transfers,  and making a rainbow of sanding sugar colours.
I am going to host a few beginners decorating classes,  which I am sure will be lots of fun! 
These were so fun to do
Adult Paint-a-Cookies
Engagement Cookies!
Looking a couple weeks ahead to Mother's Day, I am not taking custom orders. I am going to have some sets available,  all depending on how much time I have that week. I enjoy the decorating most when I have free reign over the designs.

In non-cookie news, my garden is thriving! 
It is so lovely, watching everything growing. I have thinned my beets, chard, carrots, and radishes.  In two weeks my radishes will be ready for harvest!! I have already been enjoying bowls of spinach and arugula.
So yummy.
  I have learned only to plant one seed per hole, because almost all of them sprout! I tested it out after being disappointed in having to choose between which beet colour I would leave in the ground.  Haha, the silly things that stress me out. Well, 15 of the 16 seeds I planted in my second sowing sprouted! No thinning,  no deciding.  It's all good!
Yesterday,  I planted the kombucha seeds from that awesome pumpkin I bought last year. Excited to see if they grow. I also planted some random squash seeds from the kids' great-grandpa! I only planted enough to grow three plants if they sprout. We can only eat so much squash!
At the beach with Daddy
Ellie had her third birthday! How did I miss that?? Ha, that's kind of a big update.  We didn't really have a birthday party, Easter and dh's birthday were on the weekend and we were partied out. We just had a little grandparents dinner, and that was that. Next year! 
Ellie's "cake"

On her actual birthday,  she had appointments with ENT and audiology. She is scheduled for surgery on May 14th. Tubes and adenoids.Here's hoping that the surgery goes well, and that her apnea is improved. I know it won't affect her central apnea, but maybe she's on her way to outgrowing that! 
She's so excited to be starting school in the fall, you wouldn't believe how much she enjoys just the drop in preschool!
That's about it for this update :)