Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A little DIY, and a little outsourcing!

I have this problem: I start projects, and life happens, and I lose focus and stop before they're finished. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it really bothers me!!

Take for example, the chaise longue recovering project. I had every intention of finishing that thing off myself. But, I don't have the workspace, or the time, and well... poor chaise has been sitting in my garage for going on a year.
Poor chaise longue :(

 *sad face* I have also had to stare at an ugly covered chair, for going on as long as well.
Not a good look!
So, I am outsourcing!! I found a local girl, who does amazing upholstery work, and I'm just going for it! Dropping everything off in two weeks from now, and poof! the work will be done. *happy face!*

A project I will NOT quit, is my cabinet refinishing project. Ooh, boy, did I ever dive in the deep end. But, it's going to rock.
No going back now!
Already, it's awesome. Sand, wash, prime, paint, paint, paint...
Sparkly Knobs!
Did I mention I hate painting? Well, it's actually not that bad, since I am working in tiny sections at a time.

It's going to be so bright!
By the time June is over, my cabinets will be like new. In the fall, we're getting new counters, which have already been measured out. Why so long? Well, a)it's nice to be able to pay for things in cash, and b)we have a handy family member who is going to install the counters for us. Waiting is a win-win situation!

Also going to be ripping out the old tile, and replacing it with white subway tile.

Lots on the go, and thankfully cookies have slowed so I can actually focus :) Of course, I really should be planning that walk!!

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